SwissAI creates entrepreneurial value and increases quality of life while fostering successful energy transition.

Lower cost of Sales

Increased Funnel

Provide existing products to new customers by supported pro-active search and customer targeting

Decreased Cost

Configure the right product mix and associated business plan for specific needs of existing & new customers

Opening Markets

Managing transition in the market as well as required organization without relying on limited sales visibility

Increased Hit Rate

Providing more customized products to your customer and real-time adjustments to their specific requirements

We help private and public business sectors increase revenue and predictability in day-to-day business

Lower business risks

Increase Revenue

Basis for new business lines & markets

Better Predictability

Quantified predictability and transparency for rapid data-driven decisions

Improved Profitability

More optimal solutions, lower costs and more bidding power

Better risk assessment

Comprehensive analysis of future scenarios

Managed risks

Adaptations and optimization to manage risks

Facilitated financing

Supporting businesses to find investments for future ventures

Increased positive environmental impact & quality of life

Maximizing positive impact

Maximize production and usage of renewable energy

Minimizing negative impact

Minimize pollution and negative environmental impacts

Impact Quantification

Integrate measures environmental impact and life quality in optimised solution



We bridge technical, economic, policy and environmental perspectives to optimize our partners business. 



We increase our partners revenue, enable financing and apply innovation to grow their business and streamline operations.



Our holistic software and extensive databases more realistically simulate our partners business.

Go beyond simple, sector-specific solutions 

Our holistic platform integrating dynamics of different sectors reflects real-life-like conditions.

Holistic platform

Simulation software includes demographic, energy, mobility, and urban planning sectors within one integrated framework.

∎ Both interactions within and across sectors are captured 

∎ Real life correlations across sectors and over multiple scales are captured, thus improving planning  Allows you to find the true optimum for the combined system 

∎ Fully interconnected, scalable solution of a future-ready overall digital twin lowers costs of future changes and additions

Organised Complexity

Bottom-up physical models account for heterogeneity in both supply and demand in all sectors

∎ Real world dynamics are accurately without simplification in granularity and extent

∎ Market, technical, economic and political risks are accounted for

∎ Sensitivity of risks to investment or policy decisions are quantified

Anticipate the unprecedented

Rather than make further projections of past event assess impacts of potential scenarios on future system dynamics and your project.

Forecasting future

The bottom-up physical models can account for events that have not previously occurred facilitating decision making for the investors and business owners and consensus finding in regulatory processes

∎ Decrease project risk and increase capability of active management of your portfolio

∎ Assess impacts of external conditions changes onto the system

∎ Go beyond historical trends, to account for “black swan” events such as climate step-change or insertion of new technologies

Risk analysis

Unique approach to risk analysis in which we make scenarios that allow us to model the accumulation of risk. Integration of market scope, technical, economic and political risks, and their combined sensitivity for a given investment or policy solution

∎ Assess risks of different decisions

∎ More realistic risk analysis without double counting of risks

∎ Better pricing and bidding, as well as project financing capability

Reach the optimum

We provide and quantify thousands of solutions to complex problems based on multi-stakeholders KPIs so that the optimum can be met.

Automatic Optimum Finding

Analysis of thousands of possible solutions to find optimum with inclusion of different KPI’s and stakeholder perspectives

  • Improving financial results for investors
  • Reducing costs for residents & increasing their life quality
  • Improving environmental performance
  • Increased ability to obtain financing & lower financing costs

Utilize computing power

Our unprecedented combination of speed, scale and resolution allows you to capture real world dynamics for your business benefit.

Unprecedented resolution 

Thanks to specialized computer hardware, simulations are conducted with high spatial and temporal resolutions and simultaneously cover large geographic extents and long-time horizons.

∎ Spatial resolution: 1-metre up to the scale of a continent

∎ Temporal resolution:1-second to multiple decades

∎ This allows you to avoid overall simplification and aggregation.

Unprecedented speed of analysis

∎ Get exponentially faster results 

∎ Analyze much more optimization scenarios 

∎ Get better solution in shorter time

∎ Save time of transition between tools due to integrated system

∎ Capture real world dynamics with inclusion of right boundary conditions for system design

We will help you to increase your revenue and profitability globally.