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SwissAI's Commitment

SwissAI is dedicated to pioneering the seamless integration of human intelligence and advanced AI for future-ready decision-making. Our commitment lies in delivering transformative solutions that empower businesses to navigate complexity with precision and foresight.

Who are we?

As a 2020 start-up of ETH Zurich, following over a decade of extensive R&D, SwissAI excels in demand forecasting and in assessing supply in the energy, mobility and real estate sectors, using innovative AI models. SwissAI continuously innovates in the space of AI and data science, driving advancements in development and operation of infrastructure

What we do?

SwissAI offers SaaS and PaaS solutions, utilising agent-based modelling to provide bottom-up GDPR-compliant characteristics of human choice. SwissAI focuses on creating detailed, predictive scenarios for informed and optimised decision-making for a range of customers with a special focus on energy, mobility, real estate, logistics & transportation challenges.

What is our value addition?

SwissAI is dedicated to guiding strategic, future-proof decisions in increasingly complex and connected sectors. SwissAI  achieves this by combining human intelligence with AI, to navigate challenges and optimise solutions across a multitude of dynamic business sectors and across various scales, from an individual site to a portfolio of sites across an entire country. Improved profitability and reduced risks of future endeavours is where our AI excels
SwissAI is on a mission to redefine decision-making in the planning and operations for its customers towards their most optimal future.


Verified Use Cases
A robust portfolio demonstrating SwissAI's practical impact across sectors.


Technical Publications
This is a testament to SwissAI's research-driven, credible approach.
Portrait: Dr. Anna Gawlikowska, CEOPortrait: Dr. Anna Gawlikowska, CEO

"SwissAI's holistic technology helps our customers to navigate the complexity of their present as well as future business and transform it in the best possible way"

Dr. Anna Gawlikowska, CEO of SwissAI
Our Values

Value Driven

Tailored solutions for the customer’s specific needs.


Commitment to the highest standards in every project and solution.


Directing AI in projects with a societally positive impact.


Driven by a strong belief in the transformative power of AI.

Team Spirit

Collaboration and synergy at the core of innovation.

SwissAI's Power Methodology

Way of Future Exploration


Start from Today and Explore Your Futures

This initial step involves the selection of external scenarios, defining internal business constraints, and creating trajectories, and running the platform to quantify various potential futures. It's focused on understanding the landscape of possibilities and interdependencies.

Decide on Future Key Performance Indicators

The second step is to quantify all options and their outcomes, optimise assets & portfolio, and ultimately select the most advantageous future. This step is crucial for quantified strategic decision-making.

Plan for Your Future and Design Operations

The final step is to explore the chosen future plan in detail, compare sensitivities of different factors, and create a roadmap for implementation and operations. This ensures that plans are robust, flexible, and ready for execution on a short time horizon.

Embrace the Most Profitable Tomorrow
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