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The Challenge - Building Future Real Estate

How to predict future building usage and user behaviour?

How to maximise the profitability of a plot with the best functionality and sizing mix?

How to assess the impact of new constructions on surrounding land values?

In the real estate sector, key decisions such as building configuration and facility planning are often hampered by insufficient understanding of behaviour, demographics and needs of future occupants. Traditional real estate planning methods, which rely on broad, historical data, can lead to inadequately utilised spaces, as they struggle to anticipate the specific requirements and motivations of residents and visitors.  SwissAI’s platform seamlessly integrates multi-modal transportation options as key elements of real estate and infrastructure development.

Key Challenges

Driven Decision-Making

  • Evaluate traffic and footfall dynamics with unmatched precision.
  • Test multiple strategies of design & mix of functionalities to improve demand.

Land Value Assessment

  • Quantify impacts of development on adjacent areas, allowing valuation for strategic supplementary acquisition.
  • Capitalise on investment opportunities with data-driven insights.

Quantified Design

  • Tailor building, infrastructure, and urban designs to evolving user needs.
  • Optimise in real-time strategies of space usage to drive profitability and user safety.

Integrated Digital Environment

  • Seamlessly blend BIM models with large scale twins of their future capture area, covering millions of potential future building users.
  • Use advanced digital twins of your potential real estate projects to technically and financially compare options without the need of physically building them to maximise return on investment.
Achievements with HUMAQ

Up to 50%

Increase in Footfall

Up to 80%

Decrease in Error of Projected Demand
HUMAQ's Unmatched Capabilities

Transformative Real Estate Planning

HUMAQ is a cutting-edge AI-driven real estate and infrastructure simulation technology that enables developers, owners, and investors to make informed decisions and optimise the location, functional mix, sizing, pathway, specific tenants/users and product quality decisions of their projects. By simulating individual behaviour and movement patterns, HUMAQ provides you with a deep understanding of how people will use and interact with your property. HUMAQ allows you to explore different development options, comparing their potential, and identifying potential risks and opportunities. This helps you make informed decisions about your projects and increases the likelihood of project success: both in tendering phase, and in actual utilisation and operational returns. With HUMAQ, you can gain a competitive edge and create thriving real estate and infrastructure spaces that generate long-term value and assure customer satisfaction.

Predictive Footfall Simulation
Accurately forecast footfall patterns to optimise building designs, real-time management of events, occupancy/usage rates, and marketing strategies.
Multi-Scenario Analysis
Explore different development options, by comparing designs within potential future scenarios of changed demographics, people's behaviours, and transformed infrastructure, to identify potential risks and opportunities.
Real-time Data Integration
Continuously monitor and optimise real estate or infrastructure performance using real time data integration, to better manage operations, including events, pricing, delivery services and transportation infrastructure.
Strategic Land Value Assessment
Make informed investment decisions with detailed land value analysis, including the impact of new constructions on surrounding areas.

Transformative Impacts

Optimize, Simulate, Succeed: HUMAQ's AI-Powered Real Estate and Infrastructure Decision-Making.

Increased Return on Investment

By using data-driven occupancy and land value optimisation, HUMAQ can significantly increase returns on investment.

Enhanced Community Value

HUMAQ promotes improved land planning, focusing on quality of life and economic vitality.

Future-Proof Developments

Through adaptable and insightful real estate and infrastructure planning, HUMAQ can create resilient and sustainable developments.

HUMAQ's Strategic Pathway

Transforming Real Estate and Infrastructure Development


Define Building & Development Goals

Start by inputting your building data and clearly outline your development goals, focusing on maximising occupancy, improving user experience, and optimising land value for the selected location.  The projected dynamic digital twin of the local population and associated transportation system from within the platform database is used as the background for the analysis.

Simulate & Analyse Footfall Projection

HUMAQ's advanced AI-driven real estate simulation accurately forecasts footfall patterns, analyses profiles of people arriving/leaving the building and its environs, providing insights into customer segments, usage peaks and potential congestion areas.

Assess Impact on Surroundings

Evaluate how your development influences surrounding land values and property markets, identify synergies with local infrastructure and community amenities, and tailor your plans to positively impact the area and acquire the land plots with the highest potential profitability and best fit into your specific customer segments.

Implement Insights for Success

HUMAQ's analytical results are then converted into practical design and planning strategies, optimising building layouts and amenities, and aligning traffic flows to boost user satisfaction, occupancy rates, and long-term profitability.

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