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Energising the Future of Your Industry

RES & BESS Developers

Renewable Energy & Battery Energy Storage Developers

SwissAI's PLENTY supports developers with AI simulations of most optimal energy mix and most optimal strategy for participation in the energy market. Enabling significant profitability gains and risk minimisation.

Industrial Consumers

Large-scale Industrial Consumers

For industrial consumers, SwissAI's PLENTY analyses energy consumption and potential renewable generation along with time-resolved requirements for electricity, heat and gas of their portfolio of assets, while accounting for the specific regional cost structure. Providing financially and environmentally optimised solutions for sustainable operations. The platform analyses and optimises individual facilities, microgrids of multi-facility portfolios, rank-orders facilities within portfolios for profitability and finds pathways to yield significant energy bill reductions and profitable investments.


Energy Service Providers

SwissAI's PLENTY equips ESPs with predictive analytics and energy management strategies, enhancing service offerings for their clients while reducing cost of sales and improving client relationships.

Gas & H2 Companies

Natural Gas and Hydrogen Companies

PLENTY supports its customers to create optimal pathways to upgrade their existing infrastructure to handle potential changes in the energy market. The platform supports users in understanding the impacts that will arise due to possible changes in energy demand; energy transition; and volatility. The platform allows a range of scenarios to be assessed including system upgrades vis-à-vis conversions to H2 and new CO2 pipelines, and volatilities in the pipeline system, etc.

Energy OEMs

Original Equipment Manufacturers

Enable sales for OEM's with targeted customers across large geographies, automated generation of offerings that compare mixes of offerings and recommends the most profitable mix of solutions.

The Challenge - Transitioning Energy Systems

How can we Enhance Energy Optimisation for a more Sustainable and Profitable Future

Where to invest?
Identifying high-impact areas for investments in energy generation, storage, distribution, and transmission to maximise ROI and environmental benefits within the context of changing energy and mobility landscape.
What technology to deploy?
Determine the right mix of energy technologies that align with current and anticipated future demands and advancements.
What implementation scale?
Deciding the optimal scale for deploying energy solutions to balance cost-efficiency with significant potential market penetration and minimise risks.
When to innovate?
Timing the introduction of new energy solution sand the roll-out plan to best match evolving demand, and staying ahead of market trends and regulatory changes.
Customers Success

Micro Grid: Streamlining Energy Transition

Increase in IRR
Increase in Profitability
Better Self-Sufficiency

Seeking increased self-sufficiency and improved returns via integrated Micro Grids with renewables, gas and heat systems and energy storage.


PLENTY delivered a tailored Micro Grid optimisation strategy, integrating renewable energy generation, storage and distribution system routing, to enhance resilience, self-sufficiency and financial returns for the customer.

Energy Goals

To Ensure You Achieve Critical Objectives such as:

Resilience to Future Changes
Maximising future system resilience and minimising investment risks while maximising opportunity potentials through advanced future scenario foresight geared to specific complexities of energy industry.
Competitive Advantage
Strengthening your competitive position with advanced system optimisation, providing unprecedented insights into the market into the future of supply and demand balancing and most optimal technology rollout and investment strategies.
Profitable Energy Transition
Outlining the path for profitable large-scale energy transition across energy and mobility sectors, allowing sustainable targets to be reached while maximising commercial investment value.
Reduced Cost of Sales
Reducing the cost of sales for energy service and hardware providers through targeted and effective customer insights.
Profits Increase
Optimising investment in energy infrastructure to yield the best financial and environmental returns.
Dynamic Energy Management
Expanding the capacity for multi-technology energy management with real time energy and mobility insights on a multi-facility scale and cross-market.

The Platform Capable of Achieving Your Goals:


AI-Planning for Energy Transition
Evaluate and optimise multi-technology energy systems, providing essential data for site acquisition, portfolio development and energy transition across generation, storage, distribution and transmission of electricity, heat and gas system.
PLENTY's User Pathway

Energising Success with Precision


Intelligent Demand Profiling

PLENTY integrates data of your dynamic energy usage and location specifics, setting the robust foundation for a customised demand profile and tailored energy solution.

Optimal Deployment of Technology based on Strategic Financial and KPIs

Utilising advanced AI, PLENTY selects and optimises suitable energy technologies available within SwissAI’s extensive proprietary database, based on your unique needs and future system dynamics, leading to a comprehensive range of optimised, actionable solutions.

Potential Future Scenario Assessment

PLENTY allows you to understand the impacts that will arise due to the possible changes of both energy demand and energy market transition; and the resulting volatility. Thus, the platform assesses a range of scenarios including system upgrades, potential system volatilities, as well as uncertainties in costs and demand.

Energy Management

In the final phase, PLENTY further allows you to run the platform with short-term time steps, allowing for efficient real-time operations, combining energy verticals with volatilities of generation and fluctuations of demand, to be matched with requirements from mobility, logistics and transportation.

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