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Strategic Deployment of EV Charging Network using Advanced AI-powered forecasting for optimal placement of EV charging station

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The Challenge - Building Future Charging Infrastructure

Are you maximising your EV network potential?

How can we leverage bidirectional charging and other new uses for electric vehicles?

How will changes in your competitor's strategy impact your utilisation?

In the EV sector, crucial decisions like optimal placement of charging stations, rollout of charging infrastructure and technology choices are often hindered by uncertainty in user behaviour and demand. Traditional methods based on aggregated traffic data fall short, leaving companies guessing about key factors such as who and why will there the charging stations be used, leading to potential underutilisation.

Key Challenges

Determining Optimal Locations:

  • Where to place charging stations for a mix of long-distance travellers & opportunity chargers.
  • Identifying key locations, accounting for user needs, available services and competition.
  • Design a roll-out plan as EV uptake increases heterogeneously across different regions.

Understanding User Behaviour and Demand

  • Predicting who will use the charging stations, why would they use them, from where they are arriving, and to where they are going.
  • Moving beyond aggregated data to grasp real-world dynamic usage patterns and individual driver's preferences.

Technology and Capacity Planning

  • Matching anticipated demand and supply without under or over-investing.
  • Deciding what charging and battery technology stack aligns with current and future characteristics of EVs and needs of EV users.

Lack of Precise Data

  • Traditional planning methods do not account for the nuanced behaviours of EV users, leading to significant errors in predictions.
  • Risk of under-utilised assets due to misalignment with actual needs and behaviours of EV users
Achievements with AIOME

Up to 11%

Increase in IRR

Up to 15%

Increase in Network Utilisation
AIOME's Unmatched Capabilities

Transformative EV Charging Infrastructure Planning

AIOME is changing the game in EV charging infrastructure planning and operations. With our advanced technology, we provide unparalleled visibility into user behaviour and competitive landscapes, from national level down to individual plot level. Understand not just where and when to place chargers, but also the why's and how's of the activities of EV users. Our platform empowers you to decide on where to strategically position chargers for both long-distance travellers and opportunity chargers, maximising utilisation, and profits.

Comprehensive User Insights
In-depth knowledge of user behaviours, including daily activities and charging patterns.
Strategic Placement
Data-driven strategies for optimal charger placement, tailored to user demographics and needs, and evolution of technology.
Competitive Analysis
Visibility into where and how competition may emerge in the EV market, thus insight of the change in user behaviour along with the impacts of pricing and local utilisation patterns.
Dynamic Strategy Adaptation
Capability to test and adapt features such as dynamic pricing and reservation systems for peak demand.

Transformative Impacts

Discover how AIOME can elevate your EV charging infrastructure strategy for a future-proof and profitable network.

Increased Utilisation and Revenue

Gauge the human element, which is often the most variable and influential factor.

Technological Interactions

Assess how different technologies interact within these environments.

Energy and Mobility

Understand how the dynamics of the energy market and mobility systems interact to drive your profitability.

AIOME's Charged Pathway

Charging Success with Precision


In-depth Market Analysis

AIOME platform begins by conducting a comprehensive local market analysis, focusing on current EV trends, including EV sales down to specific vehicle type, and potential future demand in your targeted areas.  The projected dynamic digital twin of the local population and associated transportation system from within the platform database is used as the background for the analysis

Strategic EV Network Planning

Utilising advanced AI algorithms, AIOME identifies the most strategic locations, typologies and sizes for EV charging stations, ensuring optimal coverage and accessibility.

Improved System Operations

AlOME gives control over the dynamic EV charging portfolio, to drive appropriate pricing, balance utilisation with waiting times, and coordinate energy and mobility requirements of the network.

Continuous Optimisation and Support

AIOME provides ongoing support and optimisation strategies, adapting to market changes and technological advancements to maintain the efficiency and profitability of your EV network.

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