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The Challenge - Transformation of Supply Chain

Are you struggling with inflexible fleet management?

How to improve precision of scheduling with real time event impact propagation?

How to better coordinate your complex logistics operations?

Traditional fleet management tools cannot adapt to the dynamic nature of modern operations, where delays from one element cascades through the entire supply chain. OFLEET's AI-powered scheduling and optimisation capabilities can manage real-time fluctuations and ensure peak operational efficiency and resilience. Manually predicting scenarios and planning routes can lead to significant inefficiencies and missed opportunities. OFLEET's advanced AI algorithms analyse traffic, weather and historical patterns, and allow short term event impact propagation on route planning and fleet optimisation, to create optimised routes and plan for unforeseen events, ensuring seamless fleet operations.

Key Challenges

Significantly Improved Vehicle Scheduling

  • Optimise routes for fleet and logistics centres for profitability improvement.
  • Enhance precision in scheduling to reduce detours and delays for significant gains in efficiency.

Dynamic Logistic Optimisation

  • Tackle dynamic challenges in operation with adaptive strategies, with on-the-go optimised solutions.
  • Implement strategies that adjust in real-time to changes in weather, accessibility, and traffic.

Scenario-Based Foresight

  • Plan for events such as traffic jams, payload availability, and vehicle breakdowns with real time re-optimisation of solutions.
  • Adapt to real-time changes to maximise value and predictability for the whole logistics value chain.

Optimisation Boost

  • Improve fleet profitability by reducing operating costs and number of drivers and vehicles.
  • Improve profitability of ports and logistic centres with significantly increased efficiency and reduced risks.
Achievements with OFLEET

Up to 40%

Decrease in need for Logistic Vehicles and Drivers

Up to 10%

Increase Efficiency of Ports and Logistic centres Turn Around
OFLEET's Unmatched Capabilities

The AI-Powered Solution for Fleet Management Excellence

OFLEET tackles the industry's most pressing challenges with its AI-powered analytics, optimisation and modelling capabilities. Optimised routes, predictive insights and customised solutions enable fleet managers to achieve unprecedented efficiencies, and improve profitability while reducing costs and improving sustainability. OFLEET stands as a beacon of innovation, guiding fleet managers towards a more streamlined, predictable and sustainable future.

Real-Time Fleet Optimisation
Dynamic scheduling ensures peak operational efficiency in future. OFLEET's real-time optimisation algorithms continuously analyse data and re-route vehicles as needed, ensuring optimal fleet utilisation.
Comprehensive Logistic Modeling
Accurate routing integrates traffic and weather data for precise planning. OFLEET incorporates traffic and weather data to create optimised routes that minimise delays and maximise fuel efficiency.
Customisable Management
Industry-specific solutions enhance productivity and cost-effectiveness. OFLEET's flexible architecture enables customisation for specific industries and business needs, ensuring a tailored solution that optimises fleet performance.
Integrated Systems
Seamless compatibility with existing platforms for holistic fleet management. OFLEET seamlessly integrates with existing SwissAI solutions, providing a unified view of fleet operations and enhancing overall efficiency.

Transformative Impacts

AI-Driven Route Optimisation and Sustainability for Enhanced Profitability and Efficiency

Enhanced Efficiency

Dramatically improve fleet performance, reducing the need for large fleets and difficult-to-secure drivers.

Cost Reduction

Significantly lower operational costs as well as carbon emissions, for both fleet managers and, logistic centres and ports operations

Profitable Sustainability

Promote eco-friendly fleet practices, while increasing profitability.

OFLEET's Operated Pathway

Operating Success with Precision


Comprehensive Analysis

Assess your fleet's current operations and identify areas for improvement.

Intelligent Scheduling

Deploying AI to create optimised routes that minimise delays and maximise fuel efficiency.

Adaptive Optimisation

Continuously monitoring and adjusting scheduling strategies to real time events to ensure maximum efficiency.

Refinement Analysis

Refine your logistic centres operations with improved delivery foresight to improve overall profitability, competitiveness and turn-around speed.

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