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This has been a challenge across industries until now. SwissAI's advanced technology simplifies this process, empowering businesses with autonomous, AI solutions for accurate demand prediction and quantified strategic planning.

A dedicated solution for enterprises

Our simulation platform is centred around the human behaviour. It models over 1.6 billion people with various rhythms, from daily activities to lifetime changes. It includes sub-second traffic movements, weekly and monthly behavioural variations, and significant life events. The agents, fully GDPR-compliant models of each individual in the domain, carry numerous characteristics, keep memory, learn, and change behaviour, reacting to various stimuli such as weather, available services, and layouts of infrastructure.

The Limitations

Traditional Approach

Traditionally, infrastructure and technology models have been either static-top down representations limited in resolution, or detailed, but focusing on a singular business or technological vertical, and limited in scope. This approach has significant limitations:

A static supply model that doesn’t adapt to real-time changes or unprecedented scenarios.
A top-down approach that may not account for granular, on-the-ground details.
Limited input/output modelling, restricting the range of variables and scenarios that can be considered.
Focused on a single business vertical without cross-sector integration.
Geographical limitations that restrict the scope and resolution of models.
Next Generation

SwissAI's Solution

Our solution at SwissAI transcends these limitations by incorporating dynamic, integrated bottom-up and top-down approaches, that leverage AI, agent-based technologies. Our comprehensive platform offers:

The SwissAI Difference

Our holistic and interconnected models observe interdependencies, risks, and opportunities across fields, much like a real society. This modular approach, backed by big data and high-performance computing clusters, allows for flexible, informed, and rapid decision-making in an uncertain world.

Agent-Based Advantage

Our advanced approach allows for detailed evaluations based on simulated utilisation, site locations, technical specifications, and financial parameters. This leads to precise evaluations that optimally support decision-making and investment decisions.

Future Simulation Platform

Our customers can define their preferred future and prepare for it through scenario definition, AI foresight, and optimisation. We offer multi-sensitivity analysis to explore various potential futures and find an optimal configuration based on our customer's specified KPIs and targets.

Demographics, Mobility, & more

Our platform covers various domains including demographics, economics, mobility, energy, real estate, and logistics. We perform technical, operational and financial assessments of the impact of future developments, and changes in policy, end-customer behaviour, and new technologies on these sectors.

From Static to Dynamic World Simulation

Harmonising Advanced AI Across Products for Integrated, Dynamic Simulation.  Our platform is centred around human behaviour. Over 1.6 billion people with various rhythms, from daily activities to lifetime changes, are modelled.

Human Centric AI
Agent Based Models GDPR-compliant
Detailed Machine Centric AI
Detailed Technology Models
Digital Twin Framework
Infrastructure & Built Environment
Dynamic Platform
Portfolio Optimisation across National Boundaries
First Component

Human Centric AI:
AI Agent-Based Models


At the heart of SwissAI’s solution is the Human Centric AI, which employs agent-based modelling to represent individual human behaviours and decision-making processes.


Each human agent carries numerous characteristics and retains memory, enabling the agents to learn and adapt over time. These agents react to a myriad of factors, including weather, available services, infrastructure, business offerings and changes within the environment, mimicking real-life human responses.


This modelling is pivotal in understanding and forecasting the demand patterns of humans, which is crucial for the sectors of mobility, energy, real estate, retail, and logistics. Thus, our platform enables the creation of more customer-centric business decisions.
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Second Component

Machine Centric AI: Detailed Tech Models


This component focuses on the detailed modelling of individual machines and technological assets, treating each as a unique entity with specific characteristics and physical behaviours.


Each machine, be it a vehicle, battery storage system, or energy source, is represented with detailed physical models of its lifecycle, operational dynamics, and interactions with other system components.


By simulating the performance and interoperability of various technological assets, SwissAI helps in optimising energy efficiency, enhancing operational reliability, and reducing maintenance costs.
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Third Component

Digital Twin: Infrastructure & Built Environment


Digital Twin technology creates an accurate virtual model of physical infrastructure and environments. This includes everything from city layouts, transport networks, and individual buildings.


These digital replicas are continuously updated with real-time data, allowing for accurate monitoring and analysis of their current state. This aids in predicting future states and outcomes based on various scenarios.


Used in urban planning, energy systems, and transportation management, the Digital Twin offers a powerful tool for understanding, optimising and operating complex systems.
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Integration of Components for a Comprehensive Solution

SwissAI’s approach integrates these three core components to form a comprehensive, interconnected platform. This synergy allows for a multidimensional analysis of complex systems, encompassing:

Human Behaviour and Demand

Gauging the human element, which is often the most variable and influential factor.

Technological Interactions

Assessing how different technologies interact with each other and changes in the environment.

Infrastructure and Environment

Understanding the physical world and its changing dynamics.

Products we offer

Your Gateway to AI-Driven Success to Master the Future

SwissAI's Suite of Advanced Analytics and Predictive Intelligence Products


AI-Optimisation Platform for Electric Mobility

Streamline planning of EV transition including charging networks, and optimise operation of electro-mobility with precision and strategic AI-powered insights.


AI-Planning for Energy Transition

Evaluate and optimise renewable energy systems, providing essential data for site acquisition and portfolio optimisation.


Human-Centered Design and Acquisition

Leverage Advanced Digital Twin Technology for Futuristic Simulations as well as Real-Time Optimisation of Building Use, Investment Attractivity, Transit Demands, and Urban Dynamics.


AI-Optimisation Platform for Fleet Operation

Streamline fleet management with AI, optimising delivery schedules and routes in both planning and operations for cost-efficiency in any scenario.
Key Advantages

Benefits of SwissAI's Approach

Each Person Represented as a Human Digital Twin

At the core of our simulation platform is a human-centric AI approach. Every individual in the capture area is a dynamically modelled 'agent' with unique characteristics, memory, and learning capabilities. Each digital 'agent' takes decisions, yielding profound understanding of individual actions and preferences.

Dynamic Simulation & Real-Time Adaptation

SwissAI’s platform goes beyond traditional static models with the dynamic simulation of patterns of demand and usage of infrastructure. Our advanced simulations account for real-time human behaviour and continuously adapt to changes in supply and demand, ensuring unparalleled accuracy.

From Seconds to Decades

SwissAI’s technology analyses and predicts scenarios over time-scales ranging from seconds, to allow for real time optimisation, to years into the future, giving a comprehensive view of long-term decision outcomes including investment potential and associated risks.

Full System Dynamics

SwissAI’s approach integrates both supply and demand, and thus provides a holistic yet detailed view of the impact of market dynamics, enabling strategic planning and real-time optimisation across industries

Financial Quantification as Common Denominator

SwissAI’s platform excels in translating complex technical and social data into actionable financial information, enabling businesses to make informed decisions of investments and operations to drive profitability.

Preparation & Adaption to Change

The platform allows for the easy integration of new data, trends, regulations, and changes of infrastructure, ensuring that strategies and decisions remain relevant and effective, also in unprecedented scenarios.

Locally Specific yet Globally Manageable

Our platform enables high-resolution dynamic modelling across large geographical areas and industries, providing detailed insights, yet allowing for coordinated planning & operations at specific sites.

Enhanced Risk Assessment Capabilities

SwissAI’s platform enhances risk assessment and enables the management of predicted risks, allowing for co-optimised decision-making across the spectrum of risks and opportunities.

Impactful Outcomes

Improved Decision-Making

With precise and comprehensive data analyses, businesses are equipped to make quantitatively informed, strategic decisions, reducing uncertainty and enhancing business planning and operational capacity.

Increased Efficiency

By accurately predicting demand and optimising resource allocation, SwissAI's solutions significantly increase operational efficiency and productivity, leading to higher returns.

Competitive Edge

The foresight and detailed analysis provided by SwissAI offer businesses a significant competitive advantage, allowing them to stay ahead in rapidly evolving markets.

Enhanced Profitability

The precision of SwissAI's prediction of demand and scenario analysis in combination with powerful optimisation engine, leads to more profitable strategies, with impacts ranging from investment choices to customer engagement.

Risk Mitigation

By projecting the impact of various potential futures, SwissAI assists in identifying and managing risks more effectively, providing comprehensive risk assessment and mitigation strategies.

Comprehensive Strategic Planning

The agent-based approach enables businesses to identify specific customer personas, appropriately tailor marketing and business strategies, as well as match them with the most optimal asset deployment strategy and achieve higher customer satisfaction and retention.

Embrace the Future with SwissAI

In conclusion, SwissAI's approach not only offers technological superiority but translates these capabilities into tangible business benefits, driving growth, innovation, and success in an ever-changing global landscape

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