Electrifying Change: The Mobility Revolution

AI-Driven Insights for Strategic EV Charging Infrastructure

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Empowering the Electricity Revolution

Automotive OEMs

Original Equipment Manufacturers

SwissAl's AIOME enables advanced optimisation in the planning of charging infrastructure and electric mobility solutions, enhancing both driver's experience, and profitability, as well as providing the basis for informed business strategy that accounts for technology, market adaptation, energy system dynamics and customer engagement strategies.

CPOs & MaaS Providers

Charge Point Operators and Mobility as a Service Providers

Al Optimiser for Electro Mobility (AIOME) not only provides the CPOs with strategic insights for the best growth trajectory of their charging network, but also allows the CPO to better manage demand, combined with the potential usage by customer groups such as MaaS providers, including co-optimisation of their service with CP utilisation.

EV-CP Developers & Real Estate Owners

EV Charge Point Developers & Real Estate Owners

SwissAI's AIOME enables ideal locations for EV charging stations on your properties to be identified, enhancing the value and attractiveness of your real estate investments, and forecasts the needs of drivers and the growth in EV charging demand to match the utilisation increase. Further, using SwissAl's PLENTY decarbonisation platform, the most profitable mix of renewable energy generation and storage that is matched with the EV charging demand can be identified.

Fleet Operators

Fleet Operators

SwissAl's platform supports not only the optimised rollout of charging network, but also integrates potential logistics and transportation fleet demand derived using SwissAl's OFLEET platform and co-optimises this demand to maximise profitability of the whole system.

The Challenge - Mastering EV Infrastructure

How do We Build Future Charging Infrastructure?

When to build?
Timely deployment to match utilisation, accounting for competition and technology developments.
Where to build?
Optimal site selection for new infrastructure accounting for population activities, including long distance travel and daily needs of each single driver.
What size to install?
Optimal sizing of infrastructure, including amount and speed of chargers, as well as battery storage systems, accounting for evolving on-and off-board technologies.
Who would be utilising it?
In-depth demand segmentation makes it possible to predict the demographic characteristics of a customer and why they are visiting each location, which allows better matching of services and actual customer needs.
Customers Success

Forecast: Aligning EV Infrastructure with Demand

Up to 11%
IRR Increase
Up to 15%
Utilisation Increase

Forecasting demand and assuring customer satisfaction are major challenges, leading to potentially misaligned and underperforming EV infrastructure.


SwissAI's AIOME counters this with AI-driven predictive analytics for precise demand modelling and optimised network design.

Mobility Goals

To Ensure You Achieve Your Objectives:

Most Profitable EV Charging Network
Elevate profitability by harnessing precise predictive analytics, enhancing IRR with superior location intelligence and investment optimisation.
Maximised Customer Experience
Decide on the strategic placement and accompanying functionality of charging stations, enhancing accessibility and satisfaction, thus maximising the overall customer experience.
Revenues from Electricity Sales
Capitalize on increased revenues from electricity sales with advanced electricity market know-how, combining demand forecasting with dynamic pricing, electricity cost, and electricity market participation.
Account for Competition
Stay competitively ahead with market insights, accounting for localised competition foresight, to proactively adjust for evolving market dynamics.
Account for Technology Development
Navigate technological shifts confidently as agile modelling accounts for advancements in charging infrastructure, as well as on- and off-board battery technology.
Optimise Loyalty & Reservation Programs
Leverage detailed consumer insights to craft and optimise customer loyalty programs, and reservation systems, ensuring high retention and consistent user engagement.

The Platform Capable of Achieving Your Goals:


Al Optimization Platform for Electric Mobility
Al driven network design, predictive analytics of site utilisation, target groups, strategic partnerships, technology rollout, and many more, revolutionising e-mobility and maximising ROI.
AIOME's User Pathway

Charging Success with Precision


In-depth Market Analysis

AIOME begins by conducting a comprehensive market analysis, focusing on current EV trends, detailed localised EV sales forecasts, and potential future local and long distance demands.

Strategic EV Network Planning

Utilising advanced AI algorithms, AIOME identifies the most suitable locations for EV charging stations, providing maximum profitability, while ensuring optimal coverage and accessibility.

Testing Business Strategies

Electric Mobility Platform of SwissAl allows testing both external factors (such as competition development, electricity tariff changes), and internal factors (such as reservation app implementation, onboard battery sizing) impact on the utilisation and bottom line.

Continuous Optimisation and Support

AIOME provides ongoing support and optimisation strategies, adapting to market changes and technological advancements to maintain the efficiency and profitability of your EV network.

Drive forward with AI-powered mobility solutions.

Embrace SwissAI's groundbreaking platform and secure your position at the forefront of the mobility revolution. Join us in paving the way for Electro-Mobility, assuring more connected, sustainable, and innovative future.

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