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The Challenge - Transitioning to Sustainable & Profitable Energy

Are you maximising profitability and resilience of your energy system?

How to translate your energy strategy into actionable steps?

Where and how to invest in the Energy Assets?

Decisions about deployment of new energy assets, integration of renewables, and optimisation of energy storage face uncertainties due to changes in market conditions, geopolitics, and global and national economics, as well as changes in consumption trends and technology proliferation. Traditional approaches that rely on past energy usage, and long-term system dynamics, often lead to guesswork of investments in new infrastructure, risking inefficiency and missed targets. PLENTY directly tackles these issues with its AI-powered simulations, offering precise, data-driven strategies for effective energy planning.

Key Challenges

Optimal Asset Investment

  • Pinpoint locations for investment opportunity, including generation, storage, transmission and distribution.
  • Configure the right mix of various technologies to maximize profit while improving resilience.
  • Improve profitability of your existing system with smart investment in BESS, microgrids and renewables.

Renewable Energy Investment Analysis

  • Evaluate ROI/IRR for wind, solar and battery projects.
  • Determine optimal sites for integration of renewables into your portfolio.
  • Provide the right size and roll out plan for installation.

Risk Assessment

  • Assess investment risks in energy transition, including electricity, heat and gas.
  • Predict infrastructure development challenges and solution space to chose your personal optimum.

Competitive Strategies

  • AI simulation for market trend prediction and possible competitive advantage.
  • Scenario-based sales strategies for market penetration and business expansion.
Achievements with PLENTY

Up to 5%

Increase in IRR

Up to 11%

Bill Reduction on Electricity
PLENTY's Unmatched Capabilities

Transformative Energy Infrastructure Planning

PLENTY is revolutionising the energy planning and investment landscape. Our state-of-the-art platform provides customers with critical insight into energy consumption and energy system investment optimisation.  The platform can assess generation (traditional and renewables), transmission (grid, distribution & pipelines), and demand (consumers, commercial, industry & storage). With PLENTY, you can make data-driven energy investment decisions, accurately forecast energy demand, and evaluate the financial performance of complex energy system configurations. Our platform enables you to optimise your energy portfolio, align investments with sustainability goals, maximise financial returns and assess impacts of evolving policy, economic and technological landscapes, as well as changes in supply and demand, giving you a strategic advantage in the continually evolving energy sector.

Strategic Facility Assessment
PLENTY platform evaluates the potential of your portfolio of facilities for investments and optimises the configuration of the energy technologies, ensuring informed decisions across geographies and demand profiles.
Electricity Consumption Forecasting
Our AI agent-based approach, coupled with weather patterns, predicts future electricity consumption for residential, commercial and industrial sectors, including mobility impacts. This enables accurate, proactive planning of energy investments driven by expected financial performance.
Energy Investment Analysis
Assesses the viability and financial performance of potential new energy generation, storage, transmission and distribution infrastructure, balancing sustainability and resilience targets with expected profitability.
Data-Driven Customer Targeting
Utilises advanced analytics to identify lucrative opportunities and potential partnerships, optimising market approach, investment efforts, and significantly decreasing sales and opportunity cost.

Transformative Impacts

Discover the pivotal role PLENTY plays in transforming your business's energy planning and investment strategies for a sustainable, profitable future.

Enhanced Investment Returns

The enhanced returns are due to accurate prediction of demands and the advanced optimisation; with many thousands of possible options of energy mix being analysed, the platform identifies from a Pareto front the best options to improve profitability.

Integrated Solution Analysis

PLENTY evaluates a myriad of energy system components, in combination with specific current and future requirements of your business - integrating both production, logistics and mobility needs.

Dynamic Market and Regulatory Insight

PLENTY helps businesses to adapt to changing conditions in the energy market, securing long-term viability, mitigate risk and increasing chances of success.

PLENTY's Charged Pathway

Energise Success with Precision


In-depth Data Collection

PLENTY gathers comprehensive energy supply, storage, transmission and distribution infrastructure as well as demand-site data. Providing a holistic and detailed view of the overall energy system.

AI-Powered Analysis

PLENTY's AI algorithms analyse the collected data, identifying investment opportunities, pathways to higher resiliency, efficiency, energy-saving opportunities, and potential risks.

Strategic Recommendations

PLENTY generates recommendations tailored to your specific energy needs and business goals.

Implementation and Optimisation

PLENTY guides you in implementing the recommended strategies, ensuring continuous optimisation and for significant profitability improvement.

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