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Fleet Operators & Couriers

Fleet Operators & Couriers

SwissAI’s OFLEET helps fleet operators in finding optimal pickup and delivery routes and schedules, ensuring maximum fleet usage, reducing the need for vehicles and drivers, and significantly reducing operation costs while increasing timely pickup and delivery and precision and reducing CO2 emissions.

Logistic Centres & Retailers

Logistic Centres & Retailers

OFLEET significantly improves efficiency of logistic centres with precise estimates of fleet vehicle arrival times and optimisation of fleet configuration, significantly increasing usage of the storage site more while increasing the overall system profitability.

Ports & Shipping Companies

Ports & Shipping Companies

OFLEET optimises the logistics system operations outside of ports to assure most suitable truck arrival into ports in order to significantly increase efficiency of port operations, for both normal and unprecedented conditions, such as re-routing due to accidents or bad weather.

The Challenge - Transitioning Logistics Systems

How to Optimise Operations in Fleet Management and Logistics?

How to minimize unexpected delays?
Advanced routing of vehicles reduces costs, CO2 emissions and enhances delivery speed, crucial for customer satisfaction and operational efficiency.
How to maximise fleet usage?
Guide on how to reduce both Capex and Opex with significant reductions in numbers  of needed vehicles and drivers for the same pickup-delivery combination, addressing labour shortage, allowing for scalable growth without extensive increase in manpower and fleet size.
How to transition?
Improves environmental performance of the fleets, reducing CO2 emissions for the same vehicles with optimal routing and re-routing, suggesting optimal pathways to cost effectively transition to EV vehicles within a mixed portfolio, co-optimising delivery timings with charging requirements, and lowering heating and cooling needs of the truck's base load.
How to adapt to changes?
Supports consistent service amidst unforeseen distributions, improving efficiency, and reducing risk of business interruptions and unmet customer commitments.
Customers Success

Optimising Logistics in Japan

Reduction of fleet size and number of drivers
Improved efficiency of ports and logistics centres

The demographic shift in many western countries is leading to a labour shortage, increasing the need for automated warehouses and fleet operations, and requiring increasingly efficient external logistics planning.


SwissAI's solution elevates fleet management by seamlessly integrating advanced simulations and delivery schedule optimisations into existing systems, significantly increasing logistics efficiency and coordination, supporting CO2-neutral transitions, and maintaining real-time adaptability for competitive edge.

Logistic & Transportation Goals

To Ensure You Achieve Your Objectives:

Profitability Improvement
To significantly increase profitability in logistics with AI enhanced fleet optimisation, scheduling, and management.
Optimal Routing
To achieve the most cost-effective and time-efficient routes for fleet operations.
Sustainable Operations
To incorporate sustainable practices in logistics for environmental responsibility and compliance.
Labour Efficiency
To maximise productivity of available workforce through automation and through smart planning and optimised operation management.
Operational Resilience
To support uninterrupted operation of logistics despite unexpected challenges.
Cost-Effective Operations
To optimise resource allocation and reduce operational expenses in management of fleets, logistics centres and ports.

The Platform Capable of Achieving Your Goals:


AI Optimisation Platform for Fleet Operation
Discover advanced routing algorithms that meet dynamic mobility simulations, offering unmatched scheduling precision and adaptability in the ever-evolving logistics landscape.
OFLEET's Operational Excellence

Streamlining Fleet Management


Comprehensive Analysis

Begins with a detailed assessment of fleet requirements and operational constraints, along with setup of a localised traffic prediction simulation environment in the region of interest. The projected dynamic digital twin of the local population and associated transportation system from within the platform database is used as the background for the analysis.

Intelligent Scheduling

Deploys AI-driven strategies suggesting the fleet transition, with the plans being based on the appropriate fleet size optimisation results, including electrification if required.

Adaptive Optimisation

Continuously adjusts to real-time data, ensuring the fleet operates at peak efficiency and automating truck arrival timing foresight and efficient dispatch timing suggestions.

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